Confidentiality policy

WALTER FRANCE is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. As part of our data security policy, we have therefore implemented the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable from 25 May 2018.

WALTER FRANCE, whose registered office is located at 76 avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris, is your personal data controller. The purpose of this confidentiality policy is to inform you about how we use and protect your personal data and why it is processed.

1. The types of personal data we collect and process

We only collect and use the personal data that we require in order to conduct our business.

Communication:Your personal data is therefore processed for communication purposes in order to be

able offer you personalised products and services of high quality we may need to collect different categories of personal data from you:

  • Contact and identification information (surname, first name, your company’s name, postal and e-mail address and telephone number)

The data we use is collected from you directly and from other contact persons within your company.


We collect and process the personal data you provide when you apply for a post via our website.

2. Purpose of data processing


We use your personal data for communication purposes and to develop our products and services.

We personalise our commercial offers and invitations:

Where such purposes trigger an automated decision producing legal effects that concern or affect you in a significant manner, we will notify you separately of the underlying reason, incorporating the importance and intended consequences of the processing. Should we plan to process data for reasons other the aforementioned, we will inform you and, if necessary, ask for your consent.


In order to offer you appropriate services, particularly those related to one or more job vacancies advertised by our firm.

Recipients of your personal data:

The processed data will be used by our firm’s in-house departments.


Within the context of data processing for communication purposes, your data will only be forwarded to:

  • Service providers and subcontractors providing products and/or services on our behalf.

3. Personal data retention periods


We retain your data for the longest necessary duration permissible under applicable law or regulations, or for a different duration in light of certain operational constraints such as the efficient management of client relations. Regarding customers, most information is retained for the duration of the commercial relationship and for a period of 10 years thereafter. Regarding potential customers, personal data is retained for 3 years after the end of the commercial relationship or after collection of the data or the last contact with the potential customer.


Your personal data is retained for as long as you wish to remain a job applicant. In general terms, your personal data may also be retained for as long as you wish once you have provided your consent to receive information about the events organised by our firm and about our products and services.

4. What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

You enjoy several rights in accordance with applicable regulations, namely:

  • The right of portability, entitling you to personally recover all your personal data or demand for it to be transferred to another organisation;
  • The right of restricted processing, entitling you to demand restricted processing of your data. By exercising this right you can force the company to store your data without using it. This right may only be exercised if the processing is illegal or if the information collected is inaccurate;
  • The right to be forgotten, enabling you to obtain the deletion by an entity of all your personal data;
  • The right to be informed, entitling you to be kept informed whenever your data is collected, even when obtained from a third party;
  • The right of access, entitling you to obtain confirmation regarding the processing of your data and a copy of your personal data;
  • The right of rectification, entitling you to demand your data to be supplemented or corrected if you judge your data to be inaccurate or incomplete;
  • The right of refusal, entitling you at any time to refuse consent for your personal data to be processed or to refuse consent for your data to be used for marketing purposes;
  • The right to be notified about any violation of personal data protection, requiring the data controller to warn any person whose personal data may have been violated.

You may exercise the aforementioned rights:

By post:
Walter France
76 avenue Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

By e-mail:

You may also submit a complaint to CNIL:

5. Modification of our confidentiality policy:

We invite you to regularly consult the latest version of this confidentiality policy via our website: We will notify you of any substantial modification via our website or via the usual channels of communication.

6. Contact

Any questions you may have about the use of your personal data covered by this confidentiality policy should be forwarded to the following address:
Walter France 
76 avenue Champs Elysées 
​75008 Paris