Walter France: LUCIE label

In 2012, Walter France affirms its commitment and works to obtain the Lucie label, a genuine and sincere label embodied in the person of Alan Fustec, a pioneer in corporate social responsibility. The reference label of commitment to corporate social responsibility is aligned with the international standard ISO 26000.

Our commitment

The Lucie label commits the company on 7 points based on ISO 26 000:

  • Respect the interests of consumers and clients
  • Preserve the environment
  • Enhance the value of human capital
  • Act with loyalty and responsibility
  • Respect basic human rights
  • Combine the interests of the company and the general interest
  • Ensure the transparency of the decision-making and monitoring system

The evaluation of the corporate social responsibility of Walter France is based on ISO 26 000 and has been regulated by VIGEO, a European expert in providing analysis and auditing and consulting services to organisations, concerning environmental, social and governance issues.

This label enables chartered accountants to identify efficient actions to be implemented in order to respect the environment and human beings. Actions relevant to the whole of society for the well-being of all.

In April 2013, Walter France was awarded the Lucie label after deliberation of the jury which found the EIG Walter France to be on par with its commitments.

The benefits of the Lucie label

The Lucie label offers a series of benefits and services to organisations certified with this label:

  • Constant progress in the CSR approach: evolution of its commitments
  • Enhance the economic value of the organisation with a positive impact on the profit and loss account and an increase in the market value of the organisation
  • Communicate effectively on its CSR commitments
  • Improve its brand image and its reputation
  • Benefit from the Lucie community and from other companies certified with this label

The process of obtaining the Lucie label enabled working with the different stakeholders and validating the different levels of commitments. This also allowed mobilising internally, developing a unifying business project that works to improve the social climate, and to support the commitments to continued progress shared by all.