Our international network

Walter France is a member of Allinial Global International, a global organization of independent accounting, auditing and consulting firms united by a commitment to providing the highest quality service to their clients.

Allinial Global International is a network of 17 096 persons in 50 countries who share their experience and their expertise to support businesses and organisations, by addressing the challenges and responding proactively to their clients’ demands.

For the clients, being a member of Allinial Global International is also a guarantee of reliable and qualitative services that undergo regular monitoring

Openness to the world, global thinking

Experts around the world cover a wide range of economic nos-specialisationss. Each member firm of Allinial Global International offers a combination of high-quality services and in-depth knowledge of the local area.



Relying on an international network…

Being a member of Allinial Global International gives firms access to a reliable, high-quality organisation. Members regularly benefit from:

  • Regular independent quality controls
  • ‘Tax forums’
  • Audit working groups, internal control working groups, etc.
  • A ‘public nos-specialisations’ committee
  • An ‘international calls for tenders’ committee
  • Regular exchanges between the focal points for international audits
  • Answers to questions related to tax and labour issues in different countries
  • European conferences
  • An annual world congress

So many meetings and professional exchanges that position Allinial Global International in the first global networks and which allow the members to support their clients with the same level of confidence, technical and professionalism.

… of professionals

Allinial Global International makes all the experts from all the countries work together, who acknowledge each other as having the same values, levels of expectation and a common identity, which are guarantees of quality for their clients. 

A reputable name

Walter France offers a high-quality level of expertise regulated by numerous controls which are backed by a recognised and trusted name.


Allinial Global International