Specific accounting tasks

Are you a company director at the head of a group of companies? Do you want to establish a strategy for restructuring and/or assignment?

The member firms of Walter France offer you specialised support missions for optimum management of your group’s accounting.

Consolidation of accounts

Throughout France, the member firms of Walter France counsel business groups and assist them in consolidating their accounts.

  • Performance of your consolidations: complete or partial outsourcing
  • Technical expertise on specific topics
  • Provision of efficient tools

Control of your activity

Establishment of a dashboard to effectively control your business

A dashboard tailored to your business

  • Definition of performance indicators specific to your business
  • Anticipation of strategic development actions
  • Collection and processing of computer data

A monitoring of your performance using the dashboard

  • Analysis of the reliability of the performance indicators

Assistance in the improvement of your performance

  • Implementation of an action plan to improve the performance of your business
  • Better operational management of your business

And not only that…

  • Make your dashboard an easy-to-use tool
  • Develop your estimated budget and find funding resources
  • Promotion of your project management chart with the operations department

Anglo-Saxon accounting

Depending on your needs, the chartered accountants at Walter France, specialised in Anglo-Saxon accounting techniques, keep you informed and perform the following tasks for you: 

  • The different accounting techniques
  • Inventory work

    • Adjustment entries
    • Grouping entries
    • Preparation of summary documents: profit and loss account, balance sheet
  • Reporting in the parent company’s format
  • Transcription of financial statements in the French format into the accounting format of the country of the parent company