Outsourcing of accounting functions

The accountants at Walter France assist you to meet your obligations, handle your constraints in tax and/or labour matters and provide you with reliable and relevant information. 


Implementation and optimisation of your accounting functions

  • Implementation of your accounting functions 
  • Book-keeping or monitoring of your accounting
  • Complete or partial outsourcing of your accounting and administrative functions
  • Preparation of your accounting and financial records
  • Preparation of your accounting and financial records
  • Preparation of your consolidated financial statements
  • Periodic progress reports
  • Accounting audit

Operational monitoring of your tax and legal obligations

  • Preparation of your personal and business tax returns
  • Optimisation and tax tips
  • Assistance in cases of a tax audit
  • Legal assistance

Social management and HR optimisation

  • Preparation of payroll and social security statements
  • Management of SRI
  • Social audit: payroll, social security charges and employment contracts
  • HR support
  • Assistance in the case of an audit by the URSSAF (French social security administration)


Walter France has 87 offices located in metropolitan France, in the francophone countries of Africa and in the French Overseas Departments.

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