Endownment fund

As an extension of its values and its commitments, Walter France embodies its position as an ‘unconventional network’ by creating an endowment fund.

Unconventional’ by the commitment of its members and the mobilisation of each one to contribute to the exercise of its professions whilst preserving the human relationship and giving meaning to its values


After obtaining the LUCIE label, which makes Walter France the first EIG labelled in France, the Walter France endowment fund was launched around its main objective: to finance solidarity, educational and training activities for the benefit of populations in great difficulty and/or in a situation of exclusion (children and adults), both in France and in other countries and in particular in francophone Africa.

This corporate purpose is part of the environment of the profession which calls for constant improvements in the ongoing training levels and resources. Walter France wishes to help those men and women aged 18 to 65 who are facing financial difficulties to complete their registration for the purposes of receiving basic training. For people who have fewer resources than others to pay the registration fees at a training institution, school or university, the network endeavours to facilitate the registration process or assist them with pursuing their studies.

This aid is intended for French, African or other citizens, presented and supported by a member firm of the Walter France network. This aid must enable them to:

– continue their studies

– perfect their knowledge for training that relates to studies related to the corporate social responsibility of the business, in foreign languages and particularly in studies of accounting, law, economic sciences, auditing of companies, IT or any studies to which the Walter France network pays particular attention.

Interested candidates can send their application to Walter France or to one of the member firms. The candidate applications selected at the end of the selection process must submit an estimate of the cost of the training issued by the organisation which offers the training. The sum agreed upon in writing will be paid to said organisation by the endowment fund.

For any further information, please write to the Walter France head office at: contact@walter-allinial.com